Celebrate Easter with us at Warm Beach Camp!

We will have one service held at Warm Beach Camp at 10:30AM.

Come early, because starting at 9:30 we will have a Continental Breakfast. If you have kids, be sure to arrive in time for the 10AM Egg Hunt. Then, starting at 10:20AM our Nursery and Warm Beach Kids classrooms will open to welcome kids through 5th Grade for a fun kids program.

If your kids have participated in any of our Warm Beach Kids Programs on our campus, or even just Easter at Warm Beach Camp, getting them checked in is as simple as remembering your phone number. But don’t worry, if it’s your child’s first time, or even if it’s just been a while, our Warm Beach Kids Experts will be ready to welcome and personally assist you.

This is an Easter Celebration you won’t want to miss!